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Who we are

We are a slim and effective design firm, well- established in Europe and known for our innovative way of working. While most of our customers are situated in the German-speaking regions of mainland Europe, we have recently expanded our network of clients by successfully entering the highly competitive market of China. Our strongest asset is the powerful combination of our expert knowledge in the technical domain with our deep understanding of esthetics and design.

What we do

3Design stands for an effective and innovative approach to the design process all the way from the first inspired sketch, via CAD models and photorealistic visualizations, to the rapid development of a prototype. We use the latest technology – thereby saving time and money for our clients. Our aim is clear: We want to give you nothing less than a high-quality, cutting-edge product you can identify with – and get excited about.

On the road from concept to product:
We’re there for you

Product design is our biggest strength. We love the challenge of each new development process. read more...An important aim of ours lies in integrating our work process seamlessly into that of our customers. This is time-efficient and cost-reducing – giving your products a clear edge on the market.

All work towards a successful future is built on knowledge about the past. For us, the first step in each product development and design process is an in-depth analysis of the target market situation. What is the status-quo? What needs and attitudes does the target audience have? What is the right position in the market for your product? Only with a deep understanding of the current situation can you develop a realistic vision of the future – and then turn your vision into reality using the latest technology.

While we believe in an efficient realization of ideas, we do not develop quick-fix solutions. Through a careful combination of know-how and expertise, gained over time, with the latest technology available, we arrive at individual products and product lines that are functional, consistent and inspiring. As a team, we pride ourselves on combining a deep understanding of technology with a strong intuition and foresight concerning esthetics and design. The results we provide you with convince through substance, quality and style.

Product Design Product Design

Our hottest models
don’t walk down the catwalk

Thanks to our many years of experience and our profound know-how concerning CAD environments and modeling processes, we develop our products faster and more efficiently than other companies, ensuring a place for your product on the market before the competition has even gotten started. read more...

Agility and a high pace of innovations are crucial assets for every modern company. We not only present our clients with cutting-edge product solutions but also keep up with the rapid developments in technology – thereby providing our clients with the best, most efficiently developed product possible.

To that end, we draw up the first CAD-drafts at a very early stage in the development process. This allows us to look at initial visualizations, examples for prototypes, ergonomic models and photorealistic renderings and lets us perform aerodynamic tests early on. At a point where competing firms are still reviewing their first drafts, we are already analyzing the first test results, optimizing the data and working on top-quality surface models in order to be able to begin with production. Since we provide this temporal advantage without ever sacrificing quality for it, we make sure that our clients stay ahead of the game.

3D CAD Modeling 3D CAD Modeling

Seeing means bringing into being

One of the greatest challenges of the design process lies in showing a product before it even exists. read more...We offer high-class photorealistic renderings of your products in realistic environments – of a quality unsurpassed, at a speed almost unmatched, at a price others could only dream of.

High quality visualizations that reach out and inspire are of vital importance. Within the company, they help to bring everyone working on the project up to date, and serve as a basis for further development. They are great motivating factors that all team members can identify with and serve as a central point of departure. After all, seeing is believing …

Visualizations are even more important in your contact with clients, especially when you are looking for constructive feedback on your product. They can, for example, serve as bases for opinion surveys and studies about marketing options before the production process has even begun. This, in turn, helps to lower production costs and increase product quality.

3D Visualization 3D Visualization

Give your product an image
that stands out in a crowd

Let’s say it straight out: you’re not alone on the market. read more...While a high-class product is certainly the greatest asset of any company – without an image to go with it, a powerful image with strong esthetics that leaves a lasting impression on your clients, you are a passing face in a crowd. Appearance matters – and rightly so, as we feel.

Brand creator Guillaume Korompay is an experienced graphic designer who knows his craft and excels at creating attractive images tailor-made for your products. Our cooperation with him bears its fruit in the seamless way the 2D and the 3D design intertwine, successfully representing your identity across the multiple mediums of the modern market. The language and imagery of the brand and the product work closely together, thus resulting in an efficient, unified designing process.

Do your product justice and give it a strong brand and an image that represents its quality and does you proud – your sales figures will prove you right!

Guillaume Korompay
Graphics | Design | Concept

Brand Design Brand Design